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District Panchayath Malappuram Job Fair(Udyog 2022)

Udyog 2022
With Event Organizers

The Malappuram district panchayat held discussions and decided to host a significant job fair in light of the severe unemployment. They faced a challenge in getting as many job seekers from the Malappuram district to participate as possible in a short time of Period.
Deft Innovations steps up to the plate at that point.
The Malappuram District Panchayat has presented us with three main demands. More than 200 companies, more than 10,000 candidates, and a job web app with excellent dynamic capabilities were among them.

And We developed and managed the web app, technical support, and social media promotion for the Malappuram District Panchayat’s Mega Job Fair in a timely and professional manner.
Through social media advertising, we were able to register over 15,000 job seekers and over 270 firms in just 12 days, creating 11,599 jobs.